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The Citadel, Idaho Survivalist Town Proposed By Gun Company, Looks To Break Tradition Of Failure

ST. MARIES, Idaho -- A group of survivalists wants to build a giant walled fortress in the woods of the Idaho Panhandle, a medieval-style city where residents would be required to own weapons and stand ready to defend the compound if society colla read more...

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For other uses, see Survivalism (disambiguation).

"Prepper" redirects here. For the television show, see Doomsday Preppers. For the (unrelated) American fashion subculture, see Preppy.

Survivalism is a primarily American movement of

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Best Approaches To Handle Emergency Food Storage

Plastic Food Storage - Is Your Best Option for Your Food Storage?by: Jeff Schuman. Most companies now have shared work spaces. Most companies now have shared work spaces. This rids away any potential privacy space that employees dire.

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Preparing Your Subfloor For Laminate Or Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the variety or varieties of tomatoes to grow in your garden is important. Prepping for the arrival of your child should not be left to the very last minute or even just a couple of days before labor and delivery. In other words, the desir read more...

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In Photos: Celebrity Homes Photos

Diane Keaton's former Laguna Beach home listed for $15.98 millionread more...